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Entry #3

LSD Time

2015-01-10 14:37:54 by Seasons

It's been a while, but I'm finally about to trip again. I inadvertantly came across some liquid the other day, and it was too legimate to pass up.

I shall take three hits now and the fourth in one hour. It's a slow, cold day in this small and lifeless town, so why not? Also, it's still winter break at my college so I'm the only person home in my apartment building. The possibilities are endless, really.

Time to start a weird day. I apologize in advance for any illogical posts I make on the BBS -- I'll undoubtedly be spending the better part of my trip careening across the internet, considering how fucking cold it is outside. All part of the journey, man.


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2015-01-10 14:39:37

what do you see when tripping
why not get weed, it's less dangerous

Seasons responds:

I'm surprised anyone read this, but it makes sense considering you're banned from the BBS, you naughty dog.

And what do you see on lsd? You see through all the bullshit, man. It's like Mitch Hedberg said -- "because of acid, I now know that butter is way better than margarine."

But really, I'm just expecting to laugh my ass off for several hours.


2015-01-11 00:16:04

LSD is not dangerous, Amar. Not in any sort of physical way.

I'm tentatively planning my next for February. Got two and a half tabs here, but i'm only certain that the half tab I have is legit, the remaining two being potentially something else. But, I'm returning to college on the 18th, and I'll be back on the hunt.

It's been a few hours, I'm guessing you're on the comedown by the time of my writing this. Hope it went well.

Seasons responds:

Thanks! It was indeed a good time.

I hope you enjoy your upcoming journey as well.


2015-01-11 10:56:17

@saltovergray I wish weed was legal in Belgium. I'd use it all the time, I have terrible anxiety issues, and there's no real health risk.

Seasons responds:

I've also got some anxiety issues. I used to be on some medication for it, but now I just stick to winding down with a pipe every now and then. It's much better than taking pills that turn you into a robot.


2015-01-11 10:57:11

@Seasons I stopped caring about the ban a few days ago. I'm used to not even checking the BBS any more now, lol.


2015-01-12 03:50:28

How'd that go?

Came across some actual liquid huh? That's pretty nifty. Last time I dosed I also spent my time surfing the web. I enjoyed myself, surprisingly. Usually when I'm in that state of mind a computer can't even captivate my attention, I get bored with technology, lol

@Amaranthus what do you see when tripping? nothing your not seeing now. it's all about perception. what do you want to see?

Seasons responds:

It went quite well. Played some guitar, did some writing, and even recorded a little improv with my ukulele and submitted it the audio portal. Then I kicked things into high gear and walked around town in the rain without a jacket on. Got plenty of stares and awkward looks.

Liquid is always great. A close, reliable source had a vial of it. I had him put a few drops on some sugar cubes so I could take them a few days later. Good times.


2015-01-12 11:25:40

I want to see two Amaranthuses having sex.

Seasons responds:

That would be quite the trip, but I'm afraid the hallucinations aren't quite that particular. Perhaps try some salvia instead.


2015-01-12 13:03:15

I don't want to trip though

Seasons responds:

That's a good boy.


2015-01-13 12:23:08

Don't take drugs dude, they screw you up.

Seasons responds:

In a good way.


2015-01-23 12:23:56

look at me all up in your profile <3
also lsd evil because teachers that believe the earth is 5,000 years old said so


2015-01-24 14:06:40

I didn't know you were a teacher. Who's minds are you enlightening? The big kids or the little ones?

Seasons responds:

The big ones.

Some of them even look older than me, which is a bit intimidating at times.


2015-11-01 20:37:14

Yo man. You still active on NG?

I gotta question. If you've done mushrooms, what do you think about them? How does a mushroom trip compare to an LSD trip?
I ask out of curiosity, as I have only taken mushrooms.


2015-12-04 20:12:57

you dead bro or wut

Seasons responds:

Nah still alive.



2016-02-04 23:13:54

where have the seasons gone to

Seasons responds:

the seasons change as the world turns


2016-04-30 09:23:35

the world burns as the world turns